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The syllabus becomes more broad based at this level and gradually the young learner is exposed to a wide range of subjects and study material which is suitably graded. Apart from Maths, English and Hindi, subjects like General Science and Social Studies are introduced as is also Computer education. As early as class I, students learn to work on computers in the Multimedia Lab which has been especially equipped to meet the needs of youngest of learners. Here they are introduced to computers through educational CD’s and games then they gradually move to Windows and Paints. Subsequently they learn the rudiments of Logo, MS-Word, MS-PowerPoint and MS-Excel, thus completing their elementary computer education.

From class V onwards, school has proposed to start French are the optional language between Sanskrit and French. A plethora of choice are given to the students for their Activity Classes ranging from pottery to public speaking. Last but not the least, in order to inculcate moral values and general awareness of the students, inter-active sessions are held in Value Education and General knowledge classes. The teaching of all the subjects is interactive and activity based and the students are enthusiastic, active participants in the whole learning experience.


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