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Coming together is the a beginning
keeping together is progress
Working together is success

Dear Parents,
We extend a hearty welcome to your child for a ye0ar of fruitful learning and happy experiences for the session 2016-2017.
School – parent partnership begins the moment a child is admitted to the school. It is a lifelong commitment between the school and the parents which goes hand in hand with equal contribution from both sides, with a sense of dedication towards the holistic development of the child.
We aim at making our students Global citizens by making them tolerant towards “Internationalism”, where the students realize that “The whole world is one family “.
In order to accomplish these goals, we need your support and encouragement at home. This is truly a parent –teacher – child team. I hope the following information will help you to understand our routine so you feel a part of the school.
Please note the following:-
. Whenever you write to school about your son /daughter, always quote his /her full name and section.
. School Telephone no.-
. Visiting Time :-
Class Teachers :- 1:00 p.m to 2:00 pm
. Any change in the residential / office address , telephone number occupation of either mother or father should be intimated in writing to the class teacher and school office immediately in order to update school records .
. Check in your child’s bag daily after he/she comes back.There may be a note for you or some of school equipment may have gone in by mistake.
. Teachers are available for any discussion after school hours. Please do not disturb the children / teachers during school hours.
. Children who come to school on their own (who do not avail school transport) must be in school b 7:45 am .
. Children who avail school transport are requested to reach the bus stop at least 5 minutes early.
. Every Saturday will be a holiday for nursery and prep.
Absence from school on petty excuses is not encouraged but under genuine circumstances please do mention in the school diary the reason for your child‘s . absence when he / she comes back to school.
. Parents must see that the Identity card is pinned on their child’s uniform every day before he /she comes to school .This is most necessary as it has all the important information about the child .
Your child must be provided with a handkerchief, Spoon, Fork and napkin every day.
. Please ensure that the child comes in proper uniform – shoes properly polished and uniform properly washed and ironed. Check the school diary for details of the uniform.

. Kindly send a set of clothes to be kept in the school in case your children spoils his /her clothes. The clothes should be packed and labelled.
. If your child is not well or has an appointment with the doctor etc. during school hours please do not send the child to school. Children will not be allowed to go home in between the school hours i.e. 8:00 to 12:30 noon.
. A fee booklet will be issued to each student at the commencement of each Academic year. In case you misplace the fee book, you can buy a fee book from the school office.

Adhering to all these school rules , will make it easier for us to look after and keep them happy and safe .

Parent / Teacher Meetings : PTA meetings will be held as per the schedule mentioned in the School Diary. It is a meeting ground for parents and the teachers to discuss the progress of the child.

Your child is most precious to us , like a mother we understand what the child does not say .


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